7x fun and handy beach stuff for you and your kids

With summer approaching, we look forward to the sunny days when we go outside. A day at the beach can of course not be missed. Because you never know exactly when the weather will be nice in the Netherlands, it is wise to already have the beach equipment at home, then you only have to pack and leave.

We give you tips for the nicest and most useful things to take to the beach.

Day at the beach

The sun is finally coming out a bit more. We get more and more excited to put on our shorts or summer dress and go outside. When it gets a bit warmer, a day at the beach is always a good idea. With young children it always remains quite an undertaking, but as soon as you see them enjoying themselves in the sand, you will have forgotten that.

A beach day is wonderful, as long as you have the right stuff with you. To entertain yourself, but especially to entertain your children, because otherwise it will be a long day. Small children in particular need more stuff to enjoy themselves, since they are not allowed to go into the water alone yet. So good preparation is not a bad thing.

Nice and handy beach stuff

That is why we give tips for the nicest and most useful beach equipment for you and your children.

1. Bucket, spade and sand moulds

You can’t take enough toys to the beach. Since small children love to play in and with the sand, a bucket, shovel and sand molds are ideal. This way your children will be entertained for a long time and you can relax in your sun lounger (while keeping an eye on your children, of course).

This extensive toy set is a must to buy.

2. Plastic ball

When your kids are done with the toy set, it’s time for some action, both for you (or your partner) and for your kids. A plastic ball is highly recommended, ideal for small children who are still too young for a real football. Throw, roll or kick the ball back and forth. Your kids probably don’t mind running after the ball, which you probably won’t mind.

This ball is also very nice to look at pictures.

3. Beach chair

This edition is a bit more expensive than the one mentioned earlier, but a good investment costs something. A beach chair is very nice if you go to the beach a little longer, to relax yourself. Your children are often playing nicely and when they are tired of that, they can come and sit with you for a while.

You can lie or sit on this beach chair.

4. Umbrella

A parasol is a must to take with you to a day at the beach. In the Netherlands it can be 30 degrees or higher, a little shade is not too much to ask. A parasol is also ideal to prevent burns. Place it behind or next to your lounger and take your child on your lap every now and then to make sure he or she doesn’t burn.

This parasol is suitable for a day at the beach.

5. Beach Towel

A towel that your children can play on is always nice to have with you. Or if they are tired, they can rest on it with their own parasol above them so as not to burn. Even if they have been in the water for a while, they should have a towel to dry off with. There are plenty of fun beach towels for children to be found.

Take this nice beach towel from Paw Patrol, for example.

6. Sunburn

We can’t repeat it often enough, but no matter how fun and cozy a day at the beach is, connections just happen so quickly. You can’t rub yourself in often enough and neither can your children. They may not like this, but don’t let that stop you, you’ll be thankful for it later.

This sunscreen is ideal for children.

7. Sun hat

A sun hat is very useful to prevent a bandaged face and it also looks super cute on your little one. A sun hat is also ideal for yourself if you don’t want to keep rubbing your face all the time. Take a good look at what the sun hat covers, you may quickly forget to apply the sun cream in the places that do get the sun.

This sun hat is very cute, isn’t it?

Emma (34): ‘I lost my child on the beach’

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7x fun and handy beach stuff for you and your kids

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