7 traits that most men find attractive

What do most men find attractive in women?

In fact, a woman’s attractiveness can be divided into two groups. On the one hand there is the purely physical aspect and on the other hand the attitude, say the way of presenting. For both groups, there are a few fixed traits that make us feel attracted to a certain type of woman.

Physical attractiveness

First of all, a man wants to be able to worship a woman. In short, a woman must have a certain amount of beauty for a man to be attracted to her. That seems obvious, but barely 50 years ago it was very different. Things like reliability, emotional maturity and a charming personality were seen as essential qualities at the time. Today that is still important – don’t get us wrong – but with a large group, physical attractiveness is the number 1 priority.

Nice hair

If there is one physical characteristic that is important to a man, it is a woman’s hair. The longer the hair, the more beautiful we think she is. The color of someone’s hair quickly makes all the difference. In fact, a good or bad haircut can determine how we judge a woman in the first instance. It is not so much about the length of the hair, but the volume.

A disarming smile

It’s one of the best ways for a woman to command attention: her smile. We men love a sweet face and women know it. An authentic smile can be very disarming and makes us men appreciate such a woman more than a woman who barely smiles. A woman’s smile is therefore a sign for many men to approach her or not. In other words, we quickly find a woman with a poker face less interesting than a woman with a seductive smile. A smile shows kindness and makes her feel approachable, another quality that men admire in women. It also shows that a woman has character and shows strength. And yes, we love that.

what do men find attractive in a woman

Sense of humour

Humor is indispensable in any contact and it is certainly a plus when seducing a woman. It’s not about making her laugh, it’s also the other way around. Men may have a greater humorous talent than women, but it is certainly not the case that women are humorless. A woman who can make you laugh quickly has an advantage, if only because of the surprise effect. For women, the sense of humor is a powerful weapon: unlike physical attractiveness, humor is a quality that never changes. This is why physical attractiveness alone is not enough. After all, you also want to be able to communicate with her and humor is still the best way to break the ice.

Nurturing character

Well, it may sound old-fashioned, but many men like it when a woman is a little caring. A lady with a strong caring character is therefore preferred.

Maternal instinct

In line with the nurturing aspect of her character lies the maternal feeling. Most women have an innate maternal instinct: a large proportion of women are naturally drawn to playing with children, taking care of them and having children of their own. Many men are attracted to this motherly behavior because it gives them the impression that the woman in question can be a great mother. The old statement that men prefer to meet a woman who resembles their own mother in many ways has thus been confirmed.

Mature appearance

Do you notice yourself that you are attracted to the older woman? That’s not so strange. We would like a mature woman who knows what she wants and has also gained the necessary experience. This is also shown by a study. Men whose mothers have an age difference of 30 years or more tend to prefer slightly older women when it comes to dating. Age-related changes in a woman’s personality make her fiercely attractive to many men.

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