7 friend theory according to TikTok we need 7 types of friends

TikTok is full of all kinds of videos, from videos with tips to challenges. Earlier we shared a theory from TikTok about how you could find your soulmate by looking at each other’s moon phase. Now TikTok comes with the 7 friend theory. But what does this actually mean?

This theory that is now going viral shows us that smaller groups of friends are the way to go are. Celebrate these friendships by looking at the unique qualities they each have. Put them in the spotlight!

7 friend theory: what is it?

So TikTok has another theory, the 7 friend theory, but what does it actually mean? Friendships come and go, we’ve all been there. Throughout our lives you meet new people and create friends for life.

We are taught from an early age that it is important to have friends. People who will always be there for you when the going gets tough. Everyone has different types of friends, a friend for a certain situation or who always gets you in a good mood.

According to TikTok, it is important that your friends fulfill seven roles. A role for every friend. The trend looks at the seven different roles, all seven have one unique perspective or certain value that your boyfriend or girlfriend can fulfill. This has to do with how long you’ve known someone or the personality of that friend. TikTok has established the following seven roles:

  1. A friend you’ve known since you were little
  2. A friend who can make you laugh at any time
  3. A friend you haven’t spoken to for a long time, but nothing changes
  4. A friend you can say anything to
  5. A friend you see as a sister
  6. A girlfriend you can’t imagine not being friends with
  7. A friend who knows all about your relationship problems even if she doesn’t ask

Do you already have friends in mind that you can give a certain role? On TikTok, they participate in this trend by sharing photos of the boyfriend or girlfriend they think fits one of the roles. Look at this @elicia.martinez who puts her friends in the spotlight through this trend:


#greenscreen feel like this was made for us 💌

♬ scott street – fav sounds

Where does the trend come from?

It is not clear where exactly this trend comes from and who started it. It is clear that the trend is very popular. The hashtag #7friendtheory has more than 10.4 million views and the hashtag #7friendstheory has 2.3 million views. So they already have it together 13 million views!

Although the 7 friend theory now going viral, it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have more or less than seven friends. Who says you can only have one person fill a certain role? Maybe you have several friends that you can place in the list or a certain person who fits everything.

If we’re honest, this isn’t the reason this trend has gone viral, of course. People use it to keep their friends right to put in the spotlight and we love it! We therefore definitely recommend that you put your friends in the spotlight. Join the trend. Many others preceded you. It’s time to show some appreciation to our friends.

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The 7-friend theory on TikTok is popular, but what does it mean?

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