7 fantastic series where Apple TV + pulled the plug

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May 14, 2023,

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Apple TV+ makes great series and movies. However, not everything is a success and that is why the streaming service sometimes cancels certain shows. But which ones will we never see again?

Apple TV+ often gives series creators a decent budget. That is why they are almost all of high quality. The streaming service has confidence in its titles and that is why it gives the shows a chance and does not cancel them very quickly. Yet it sometimes happens. But which series does that apply to?

Canceled shows on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ releases a new series or movie on the streaming service almost every week. That is why there are already quite a number of titles available. However, a number of them have also come to an end unintentionally. Here they are.

#1 Little Voice

Little Voice has the dubious honor of being the first series to be stopped early, on August 4 to be exact. The series lasted no more than a season. It tells the story of a musician who goes in search of her authentic sound in New York.

#2 Mr. Corman

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also not returning with a second season of Mr. Corman. Apple thought it was enough after one season. The series is about a music teacher who hopes for a career in music. Despite his simple life and daily struggles with fear and loneliness. However, he realizes that there is a lot to be thankful for.

That sounds a lot like Disney’s Soul. Only that film was a bit better developed, which made it moving. Unfortunately, Joseph Gordon-Levitt did not succeed with his series.

#3 Shantaram

At the end of last year, Apple TV+ decided to Shantaram not to extend. The story is based on a book of the same name. After a season, the streaming service thinks it’s enough and that is remarkable, since the series scores a creditable 7.5 on IMDb.

In Shantaram A heroin addict escapes from a prison where he is being held for robbery. He goes into hiding in Bombay and starts a new life as a doctor. His ties to the underworld lead him to Afghanistan where he becomes embroiled in a battle with Russian criminals.

#4 The Mosquito Coast

The Mosquito Coast lasted a bit longer Shantaram. Two seasons to be exact.

This series is about a radical idealist who flees to Mexico with his family from the US government. But what is the reason for that flight and how is the escape attempt going? All of that can be seen in this Apple TV+ series.

#5 Apple TV+s Amber Brown

Amber Brown may not be the most famous Apple TV+ series. In fact, it may be the least known and that is reflected in the IMDb rating as well. Only 197 people bothered to leave a rating. This did not go beyond a 5.6, which is very low for an Apple TV + series.

Still want to know what the series on Apple TV+ is all about? In this show, we see a girl trying to find her way after her parents’ divorce. She does this through art and music.

#6 Dear Edward

Dear Edward actually falls into the same category as Amber Brown in terms of subject matter. Here too, a child has to process a nasty event.

Dear Edward is about a twelve-year-old boy who is the sole survivor of a plane crash. As he tries to understand what happened, unexpected friendships, romances and communities develop.

#7 Truth to be Told on Apple TV+

The last series that Apple TV+ pulled the plug on is Truth to be Told. The series lasted a total of three seasons, which is a nice number.

The Apple TV+ series is all about the craziness of true-crime podcasts. The series sees Poppy Parnell forced to reopen the murder case that made her a national sensation. She comes face to face with the man she wrongfully put behind bars through her podcast.

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14-05-2023 16:19:57

‘Shantaram’ is the only series of which it is difficult to understand why it is not continued.

The other series will not really be missed.



14-05-2023 14:50:08

Very sorry indeed.

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