6x Women’s Jackets Trends for this Spring and Summer 2023

Are you looking for an original gift for your girlfriend? Or do you like to be aware of the latest fashion trends while shopping? In this article you will discover which 6 women’s jackets are popular this spring and summer. Many of these jacket trends also apply to men’s fashion. It is therefore very useful to read the list below!

1. High quality, timeless jacket

Marc Cain UC 12.01 W55 Beige

source: vanzuilenmode.nl

A ‘timeless jacket’ does not actually fall under a specific fashion trend. The fit and style can vary greatly. Still, it’s worth sharing with you. This year there will be even more emphasis on sustainability and high quality. So invest in a good spring or summer coat this season that you can easily combine. A jacket in a fairly neutral color that will still be stylish next year. Take a look at the coats of the Marc Cain brand. They have both cool leather jackets and fabric jackets in a beige shade in their range. All of good quality and with a timeless look.

2. Leather bomber jacket

Speaking of leather jackets: leather bomber jackets are a clear trend. It is a mix of a sporty bomber jacket and a cool biker jacket. The best of both worlds. Also very cool for the tough men among us!

3. Striking trench coat

Trench coats come back every spring. In 2023 we will not only see the classic variant, but also trench coats with a twist. For example, in a surprising material, with a statement belt or with a striking print.

4. Long blazer

Studio Anneloes

source: vanzuilenmode.nl

The fourth jacket trend falls under the ‘tailoring’ category. It revolves around long blazers, often with a fitted waist. The blazer can of course also be combined with matching trousers and worn as a suit. On a sunny spring day it looks great with an airy blouse or other elegant women’s fashion.

5. Oversized denim jacket

The denim jacket has been around for many years, for both men and women. This spring and summer, the denim jacket can be combined with jeans. They also call this denim on denim. Choose a looser model or buy a size larger for an oversized effect.

6. Colored coats

Color lovers can indulge themselves with a brightly colored spring coat or summer coat. As far as the model is concerned, you can go either way. From a long trench coat or blazer to a colored bomber jacket.

Which jacket trend appeals to you the most? And would your girlfriend be happier with a statement trench coat or with a basic coat of high quality? With the 6 items above you make a stylish choice anyway!

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