6x pasta carbonara alla delicious.

Pasta, eggs, bacon and Parmesan cheese. Together, these ingredients form the ultimate pasta sauce: carbonara. The classic version is already delicious, but add something to it and you will become the biggest carbonara fan. We give you the most delicious pasta carbonara recipes with a twist to enjoy.

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Only the very best ingredients

Guanciale or pancetta? Guanciale has a very high fat percentage, which means that the meat produces the most liquid fat when heated, resulting in a creamy sauce. The aroma is quite strong because guanciale is often rubbed with black pepper, and sometimes cloves and cinnamon. You can possibly taste those spices in the pasta carbonara.

Pancetta, on the other hand, has a very pure pork flavor, with a hint of smoke, which tastes damn good in combination with eggs. A worthy option for the pasta carbonara. Make sure, whatever type of meat you use, that you cool it well beforehand so that it is easier to cut the meat into cubes or strips.

Egg yolk or the whole egg? And no, no cream! One of the biggest differences between pasta carbonara recipes is the use of whole eggs, or just yolks. Our preference is for a sauce with only yolks, which coats the pasta beautifully and makes it shiny and rich.

Pecorino or parmesan? Why choose when you can use both?! A mix of parmesan and pecorino gives you the typical Roman flavor, without making the pasta too spicy or too salty.

read here how to make the perfect pasta carbonara.

Now that you have the basics right, you are ready to vary:

6x pasta carbonara

carbonara with sausage and Brussels sprouts

Carbonara is such a tasty fast Italian classic. This carbonara with sausage and Brussels sprouts has a nice winter twist and is on the table in 20 minutes.

Fan of carbonara? Also try this one with mushrooms.

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winter carbonara-with-sausage-and-brussels sprouts
spaghetti carbonara with chorizo

Spaghetti carbonara is originally from Lazio. There, charcoal burners ate it on their break. Tip: add the eggs to the classic spaghetti carbonara immediately after the pasta has been drained, so that the heat can set the eggs.

Fancy a different pasta? Then make this ribbon pasta with rabbit.

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carbonara chorizo ​​egg - delicious
quick pasta carbonara with mushrooms

We can never get enough of the classic spaghetti carbonara. There is this variant with mushrooms especially for vegetable lovers and vegetarians.

Or make this one spaghetti carbonara with chorizo.

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quick pasta carbonara with mushrooms - delicious
kale carbonara with pancetta and crumble cheese

Festive yet easy, that’s this pasta carbonara with kale. It’s on the table in half an hour.

It is also nice to smother the kale in 75 ml of dry white wine. For some spice, add a pinch of chili flakes.

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pasta carbonara with kale, pancetta and crumble cheese
Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

The success factors for a good carbonara? The right ingredients (no more than 5), al dente pasta, creamy sauce made from just clotted eggs and eat immediately!

Also tasty: this quick variant with mushrooms.

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spaghetti carbonara - delicious
creamy linguine with egg and bacon

A simple dish, but no less tasty! It contains a few real pleasers… such as: bacon, egg, cream and cheese! Make with linguine or another type of pasta.

Also try spaghetti carbonara with chorizo.

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linguine delicious

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