6 x tips to network like a pro from expert Peggy de Lange

No matter how good you are at your job and how much passion you carry out your work, those who work on a freelance basis will often rely on their network. In other words: the business network that you have created around you. How good are you at networking? The Dutch businesswoman Peggy de Lange gives tips on how to learn how to network like a pro!

Having a good network can really help your career. This does not only apply if you are employed or work as a freelancer, but also if you have your own company. If you have the right contacts and know which social skills to use, you probably have a good chance of achieving more.

Are you not born naturally small talker or born social bee? No problem, because everyone (!) can learn these psychological tricks or in this case: ways to network. You just need to know how.

Therefore share businesswoman pur sang and vice president at the freelance platform Fiverr, a few essential tips on how to network like a pro.

Networking: how do you do that?

You may know that you are really good at what you do, but the other person doesn’t know that yet. In the end, everything falls or stands with it. With these tips you will learn to convince others of your expertise.

1. Go to networking events

“It is important to go to networking events to meet new people. To get the most out of such an event, research which organization is the driving force and who the speakers are. If there’s an event page, also look at the people who have RSVP’d. Research the professional background of executives, CEOs or thought leaders. This way you know who you are dealing with, even before you start a conversation.”

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2. Come up with one elevator pitch

“Not only think about who the rest is in advance, but also what you want to tell about yourself. Find out what you are worth and think about your core values. Then try this in a catchy elevator pitch to collect. This is a pitch of about a minute – the duration of a (very long) elevator – in which you tell someone about your business. Give a brief introduction and explain what you are currently doing. What are you good at? What gets you excited? And what are your plans for the future?”

The tip remains: prepare well.

3. Plan coffee moments

“Did you meet new and interesting people? Nice! You can always invite them on LinkedIn or – even better – immediately ask if they would like to drink a cup of coffee. This way you get to know the new people better and they get to know you. This might feel a bit silly and cheeky at first, but it could be very useful for a new one in the future Job or job!

If you need these people in the future, at least you know them personally. Smalltalk is and will remain an important part of maintaining relationships. Don’t feel burdened, because people often like to talk about themselves and their job. The tip remains: prepare well. Who do you have in front of you and what can this person do with you expertise?”

4. Join co-working spaces

“Freelancers and entrepreneurs like to hang out in co-working spaces. Hence it as a freelancer or young professional It’s smart to join such a community. This often results in beautiful and lasting relationships. You also have special co-working spaces for women, such as Hashtag Workmode. Often these kinds of places also organize lunch and learns and happy hours where you can easily meet new people.”

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5. Use your social media channels

“Today, companies looking for new employees or freelancers just post it online! You may think that the platform for this is only LinkedIn, but also think especially Facebook. There are many interesting Facebook groups out there, so look up and join groups within your industry.”

A few handy ones communities Specific for businesswomen:

  • Freelancing Females
  • Digital Nomad Girls
  • How She Did That
  • Dreamers // Doers

6. Remote networking

“It is also possible to network abroad. Perhaps a bit more difficult and especially more exciting if it has to be in English, but it is possible to get in touch with like-minded people and build a network almost anywhere in the world. Social media is often your best friend here when it comes to finding interesting events.”

Nowadays, remote working is becoming more and more common and possible. Do you also want to work remotely for a while? Then maybe one of these seven surprising coworkers in Europe is something for you. You will find digital nomads, meet-ups and different communities! Often it’s as easy as throwing a message in a Facebook group and you get to know others.

You can do it!

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Networking like a pro? Businesswoman Peggy de Lange gives tips

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