6 questions you’re afraid to ask (+the answers)

Blowjobs; some find it completely the end to do, others find it quite a difficult job. Either way, there are bound to be some questions running through your mind that you don’t want to say out loud. We answer six questions about blowjobs that you do not dare to ask, but that you do want an answer to.

1. What if I think it tastes bad?

This is of course different for each person, but in general a penis itself has no specific taste. It shouldn’t smell (or taste) like roses, but it shouldn’t smell like old blue cheese either. When a penis is not properly maintained, odors and tastes of urine, smegma or sweat can remain, which, if you are going to have oral sex, end up in your mouth (and nose). Solve this by taking a shower together and soaking it in well. Then you have a nice foreplay right away. When he reaches his climax and cums in your mouth, it can have a bitter taste, but this also varies from person to person. Beer, coffee and asparagus exacerbate the bitter taste of semen. Pineapple would make the stuff taste better.

2. How to Deepthroat

You often see in porn movies that during oral sex the penis goes as deep as possible into the throat. This is called deepthroat. Deep in your throat is the gag reflex that can make you feel like you have to throw up when something big goes far down your throat. Do you want to try to deepthroat? Then make sure the penis is wet so that it slides in easily. Stick your tongue out far, keep your chin slightly up and keep breathing (through your nose). Remember that deepthroat is not an obligation during a blow job and that you can indicate it if it turns out not to be something for you.

3. Can you give a blowjob with a condom on?

Yes, this is possible! It is very important (if you do not have a regular bed partner) to use a condom while giving a blow job to prevent STDs. You even have condoms with special flavors (such as banana, cherry or strawberry) for giving a blowjob to make it more pleasant. Unfortunately, you can also become infected with an STD through unsafe oral sex.

4. Can you feel my teeth?

Of course you shouldn’t go over the penis like a scraper with your teeth, but for some it is nice if you occasionally (softly) bite. If you’re afraid of hurting the other person during the blowjob, you can put your lips slightly over your teeth. This way you can be sure that you don’t have direct penis-tooth contact. Don’t be too wild, you’ll be fine anyway.

5. Is swallowing mandatory?

This too is – just like deepthroat – absolutely up to you. If you don’t think it’s a problem yourself, you can keep your mouth wide open on it moment supreme. But you can also choose to give your partner oral pleasure, but ultimately let it cum all over your body (if that’s your thing). Of course you can blowjob also as warm up see and save the climax for during the penetration. Side note: as we said before: if you have not recently received a negative STD test, blowing without a condom is not wise and would swallow out of the question must be.

6. I don’t like blowjobs. How can I make it more fun for myself?

Remember: nothing is mandatory, everything is allowed when it comes to sex. You can do one blowjob making giving enjoyable for yourself. Lucky for youwe wrote a whole article about it.

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