5 premium Nike Air Max sneakers you can buy now with a discount

Nike Air Max has been one of the world’s most popular sneakers for decades. And in that time quite a few different models have come out. What we would like to draw your attention to is that premium models also regularly appear in the sale. We tip you five shoes with a discount.

As you are used to from Manners, we also look at availability for these types of articles in addition to style. We only take sneakers that are still available in many sizes at the time of writing.

Discounted Nike Air Max Sneakers

Time for the overview of new Nike Air Max sneakers on sale. We focus here on unisex and men’s models. We would like to draw the female reader’s attention to the stylish Air Max Bliss Next Nature, which you can buy in various color combinations with a 40% discount (check here and here).

Nike AirMax Dawn

nike air max dawn, sneakers with discount, sale, May 2023
Dawn (Image: Nike)

The Dawn is made of at least 20% sustainable materials. A striking element is the sole that extends slightly further. This pair of sneakers can be combined with different styles in terms of color combination and fit. You now get a 20% discount, so you only pay 95.97 euros instead of 119.99 euros.

Nike Air Max 90

nike air max 890, discount, sale, sneakers
90 (Image: Nike)

This special edition of the Air Max 90 combines delicious 90’s neon colors with an animal print. The tab with ‘Kiss My Airs’ is an extra cool detail. You also get a 20% discount on these cool sneakers. Instead of 159.99 euros, you now pay 127.97 euros.


system, sale
SYSTM (Image: Nike)

There is also such a thing as the budget version of Nike Air Max, and that is this SYSTM. Normally already affordable, but now you also get a 40% discount. That leaves a retail price of 59.97 euros.

Nike Air Max 90

nike air max 90 discount sale sneakers
90 (Image: Nike)

For these 90s sneakers we step outside the banks of Nike. You can currently buy this stylish blue edition at JD Sports with a 40 euro discount for only 110 euros.


nike air max tw, sale, discount, sale
TW (Image: Nike)

Also such a wonderful look from the late 90s and early zeroes. When we see these sneakers, we immediately get the urge to buy a new Australian tracksuit. You now get a 30% discount on the VA in the sale, after which 111.97 euros remain.

Also check out the new Spider-Man x Air Jordan, which you can pre-order here.

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5 premium Nike Air Max sneakers you can buy now with a discount

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