3CX: Real-time digital communication essential for SMEs

3CX is seeing significant turbulence in the global PBX market. The switch to IP and the covid pandemic created a huge boost in the field of telecom. We talk about those developments with Corina Werner, Marketing Manager at 3CX.

What turbulence do you see concretely?

Customers will rightly be concerned about the future of their own business communications system and will rely on a supplier that offers sufficient product strategy, innovation power and financial stability to survive in this competitive market.

What trends does 3CX see in the SMB segment?

Compared to large companies with their own IT staff and larger IT budgets, small and medium-sized companies need to be more cost-conscious. Choosing a cheap and easy to manage communication solution in the cloud is a good way to start. We have responded to that need by offering a fully hosted solution with 3CX StartUP. By the way, using cloud hosting for SaaS is a trend we’re seeing for businesses of all sizes. But we see a big difference between opting for a managed solution as an SMB or opting for self-managed systems as a larger company that likes to keep full control.

The spectrum of communication options has become broader.

Indeed, another trend that affects all types of businesses is the heavy emphasis on customer experience and customer journey. With products and services often offering similar features and benefits, customer satisfaction has become an important key to brand loyalty. That requires customers to be available at any time and through their preferred communication channel. Entering a telephone number and e-mail address is not enough. Businesses need to communicate with their customers through real-time channels such as website chats, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

3CX ucas Corina Werner unified communication

Corina Werner-3CX

Can telecom, UC and VoIP still be separated from each other?

We are definitely seeing a consolidation of these terms with VoIP as the new telecommunications standard. The term digital communication has become synonymous with our daily way of communicating. But if we look at business practice, many organizations are still a long way from taking the final step towards Unified Communications. In terms of truly uniting all available communication channels within one platform, we still see a gap in many industries. This is where vendors like 3CX come into their own by providing a true omnichannel solution.

What opportunities does 3CX currently see for resellers?

Last year we launched our latest edition 3CX StartUP, which specifically targets small businesses, startups and home businesses. Now that our 3CX PRO version has been launched, we encourage our resellers to take advantage of the new business opportunities it offers

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