3 new Apple products we want to see at WWDC 23

It’s that time again in a month: Apple’s annual developer event. WWDC 23 could just be a very special one, with three new products. But is it obvious and if so, what would we like to see?

Of course, most eyes won’t be on Apple until September, when it announces the iPhone 15. Still, WWDC 23 may be more interesting this year, as some new products may come to market. Colleague Dennis Mons previously told you the expectation of Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman. Now I tell you what I would like to see.

WWDC and new products

As mentioned, WWDC 23 is primarily a developer conference. It is therefore mainly about apps and the first look at iOS, watchOS and macOS. It is therefore certainly not standard that Apple also presents hardware during this event. However, that seems to be happening this year and we can expect something special.

Not every year there is a party during WWDC. For example, there were no new products at all during 2018, 2020 and 2021. Back then it was all about new software. Last year it was hit. Then came the M2 MacBook Air with a new design and the M2 MacBook pro. Nice, but not very spectacular.

We last saw a completely new product in a category that Apple did not yet enter in 2017. Then the company came up with the first version of the HomePod. Although Apple was already working on sound at the time, it had not made a smart speaker before.

Here’s what we’d like to see from Apple at WWDC 23 this year

Although it doesn’t happen often, it’s obvious that we’re going after 2017 this year. In all probability, an entirely new Apple product will be released. In addition, we would also like to see two improved products that have been rumored for some time. Here they come.

WWDC 23 artwork secretly references Apple's AR/VR headset?, google
WWDC 23 is coming! (Image: Apple)

#1 Apple VR/AR headset

The new Apple AR/VR headset, which will probably be called Reality Pro, is the most obvious one to be shown. It is therefore an open secret that it will be presented during the upcoming WWDC.

These AR/VR glasses should be the best on the market in terms of both hardware and design. However, the exact specs are unclear. However, the device must be able to work without an iPhone.

What seems like a certainty is that you will probably have to pay a lot for it. According to rumors, the price is around $ 3,000.

Apple Reality causes disagreement among (former) employees
A draft of the Apple Reality Pro. (Image: Macrumors)

#2 15-inch MacBook Air

The big question is whether you can still call a MacBook Air with a size of 15-inch an Air. It’s not that light anymore. Yet there have been rumors for months that this copy will indeed be released. WWDC 23 would therefore be the ideal time to show it.

The biggest asset of this MacBook Air is the M2 chip that you already know from the smaller 13-inch version. In addition to a larger screen, there is also room for a larger battery. The laptop therefore lasts even longer on a full charge.

M2 MacBook Air
The M2 MacBook Air (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

#3 MacPro

Many Apple enthusiasts have been looking forward to a new Mac Pro for a long time. The powerful Apple computer has been teased for a year, but no news has yet come out from Apple. A launch during WWDC 23 seems a logical moment, since its predecessor was presented during WWDC 19.

There are already quite a few rumors about the Mac Pro. The changes of this model will mainly take place on the inside. For example, an Apple Silicon chip is finally introduced. The appearance, according to the rumors, remains unchanged.

Mac Pro and Pro XDR Screen
The very expensive Pro Display XDR. (Image: Apple)

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3 new Apple products we want to see at WWDC 23

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