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The asparagus season is now in full swing. The season officially started at the end of April, but have you had them on your plate yet? I do, because I love it. There are therefore many (about 30 pieces) super fine asparagus recipes on my website. For this week I choose the 10 most delicious dishes with that beautiful white gold from Dutch soil. And then I know for sure: every day will be a feast!

Which wine with asparagus?

These asparagus recipes naturally include a good glass of wine. Of course a matching one (that’s what I Love Food & Wine is all about). Which? Check out the wine recommendations for each recipe. Or read my story WHICH WINE WITH ASPARAGUS.
Which wine with asparagus?
Which wine with asparagus?

Because that’s what it’s all about: beautiful wine-food combinations provide just that little bit extra, for more happyness at the table.

Asparagus with butter sauce

On Meatless Monday we start nice and easy with a dish in which white asparagus comes into their own: asparagus with butter sauce. Supplemented with semi-hard boiled eggs. Simple but unparalleled.

Asparagus with butter sauce from Estee Strooker
Asparagus with butter sauce

Asparagus with ham in cream sauce

If you want to be ready very quickly, choose these asparagus with ham in cream sauce. A simple, but delicious wok dish that is on the table in 30 minutes.

Asparagus with baby potatoes and ham in cream sauce
Stir-fried asparagus with baby potatoes and ham in cream sauce

Orzotto with asparagus, shrimps and kefir dressing

Risotto with asparagus: that is on the table here every year. My daughter Ninah’s favorite dish. But are you in for a delicious variant; then make this recipe based on groats (instead of rice). Spices and the creamy kefir based dressing make it unparalleled. Sounds complicated, but it’s still on the table in 45 minutes.

Orzotto with asparagus from the cookbook Insane by Vanja van der Leeden and Remko Kraaijeveld
Orzotto with fresh asparagus and kefir-pistachio dressing

Green curry with asparagus

asparagus in an Asian jacket; you will find that in this simple recipe: green curry with asparagus. It is an Asian curry packed with vegetables such as string beans, fresh green soybeans and asparagus. Moreover, not only vegetarian, but also vegan for the enthusiast. Really delicious! Guaranteed to go on your favorites list.

Green curry with asparagus from the cookbook Easy Dinners by Louise de Brabandere
Green curry with asparagus

Asparagus with smoked salmon and creamy oyster sauce

Party ahead? Then put this dish on the table: asparagus with smoked salmon and creamy oyster sauce. This is one of my favourites! I’m already looking forward…

Asparagus with salmon and oyster sauce
Asparagus with salmon and Asian oyster sauce

Asparagus with broad beans and shrimps

This is really a weekend recipe: asparagus with broad beans and shrimps. There are none yet fresh broad beans at the moment, but frozen is also going very well. And with that homemade chervil butter you are assured of a TOP dish. On the table in 60 minutes.

Asparagus with broad beans and shrimps from the cookbook Asparagus by the Dutch Jessica Lek
Asparagus with broad beans and Dutch shrimps

Open spring ravioli with asparagus

A slightly chic version with asparagus is this ‘open spring ravioli’. In fact, this is a fresh pasta (lasagne sheets) with white asparagus and a dill sauce. From the cookbook Greendelicious. Note: recipe for two people. But very easy to expand to four.

Lasagna with asparagus and dill
Open spring ravioli with asparagus

Asparagus with ham and beurre noisette

Classic with a twist: Asparagus with ham and beurre noisette. A recipe from the cookbook Asparagus. Recommended.

Asparagus with nut butter
Asparagus with ham and beurre noisette

Gnocchi with green asparagus

White asparagus is also very popular in Italy. Every restaurant has a Risotto with asparagus on the menu and we have eaten there several times! But what we haven’t seen is ‘gnocchi with asparagus’. You can easily make it yourself. Moreover, so ready. You can also replace the gnocchi with ready-made tortelloni filled with spinach from the refrigerator; delicious too!

Gnocchi with pesto and green asparagus
Gnocchi with pesto and green asparagus

Asparagus with almond sauce

Instead of cooking, you can also grill asparagus. That is actually even easier and faster. Serve with this homemade almond sauce and a lamb chop. Such a feast can be on the table in 30 minutes. Mmm….

Asparagus with almond sauce
Grilled asparagus with almond sauce

Pasta primavera with asparagus

Pasta with fresh peas and green asparagus. A feast for the eyes, easy to make and on the table in 35 minutes. Healthy, fast and vegetarian. What else do you want?

Pasta primavera from the cookbook Insane by Vanja van der Leeden and Remko Kraaijeveld
Pasta primavera with green asparagus

Vietnamese steak with green asparagus

Asparagus is also a favorite ingredient in Asia. Just taste this Vietnamese steak with green asparagus from the wok. Delicious recipe from my favorite TV chef Bill Granger!

Vietnamese steak
Vietnamese beef steak with green asparagus


Weekly menu 16 asparagusLooking for more asparagus recipes? Here you will find five more!

What is the difference between white and green asparagus?

White Asparagus vs. Green Asparagus: What’s the Difference? Well, it all starts with their growth. White asparagus growing hidden underground, protected from strong sunshine, giving them their distinctive white pale color. Green asparagus, on the other hand, grows bravely above the ground, bathed in sunlight. This creates their vibrant green hue.

Difference in taste

But it doesn’t stop there! In addition to color, there is also a difference in taste. White asparagus tastes sweet, delicate and mild, with a hint of bitterness. They almost melt in your mouth with their soft and juicy texture. Green asparagus, on the other hand, has a more prominent flavour, with nutty and grassy notes that awaken your taste buds. They are sturdier and more mature than their pale counterparts.

Difference in preparation

But let’s not forget how to get them done! White asparagus require much more preparation, as they must be peeled first before you can cook them. This is not necessary at all with green asparagus. You just need to remove the bottom hard part before throwing them in the pan or putting them on the grill.


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Weekly menu with the 5 most delicious dishes with white asparagus.  From simple (asparagus with butter sauce) and asparagus with ham from the wok to very festive with broad beans, salmon or white asparagus with Dutch shrimps.  Need recipes?  Go to the website #wine-food combination #white asparagus #white gold #vaneigengrond

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