10 Disney facts you probably didn’t know

They are favorites all over the world, the Walt Disney films, and almost everyone has seen one or more of them. You will therefore not be unfamiliar with a lot of facts about the films, but did you already know the following Disney facts?

We found 10 fun facts that you are guaranteed not to have read before. Take a seat because especially number 7 is a real eye opener.

1. Most expensive cartoon ever

You may have thought that the most expensive movie made by Disney is the live-action version of The Lion King, nothing could be further from the truth. The most expensive movie is that of Rapunzel. The film cost the makers a whopping amount 260 million dollars.

2. Real persons become a drawn version

Some characters in various Disney films are based on real people. For example, the sadly deceased drag queen Divine modeled for sea witch Ursula from The Little Mermaid and changed Tom Cruise in the very attractive Aladdin.

Aladdin Disney
Via: Disney/Aladdin (capture)

3. The Lion King

Now that we know that The Lion King was not the most expensive film, it turns out that it is not even original. Not even the first version from 1994. In Japan, the film became Kimba the White Lion namely already released in 1966 and the similarities are remarkable.

4. Fun puns

Every once in a while a fun pun comes along in a Disney movie. That’s the name of the wizard in the movie Fantasia Yen Sid. A nice name, especially when you realize that it just says Disney, but backwards.

It’s one of those Disney facts you never notice! Walt himself was the model for the wizard.

Via: Wikimedia Commons | Boy Scouts of America, CC

5. Snow White = terrifying

Disney is not known for the careful handling of the delicate soul of children, as they experienced in Rockefeller Center after the screening of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the theater there.

A large number of chairs had to be replaced because children had peed their pants out of fear.

Via: youtube.com (capture) | Niisku

6. Aurora barely speaks

Even though the entire Sleeping Beauty film is about her, Aurora, she is actually very little in the picture. She sleeps in her castle for a large part of the film. All in all, we barely see her for eighteen minutes (!) and she only speaks eighteen sentences.

Via: pixabay.com | Pixabay.com, CC

7. Two for the price of one

If you put Disney films side by side, you will discover certain Disney facts automatically. You will find very similar scenes in a number of films.

To begin with, there is the scene in Robin Hood in which Little John dances. This is almost exactly the same as the one from Jungle book, only with bear Roloo.

The dance scene with the prince from Beauty and the Beast is interchangeable with that from Sleeping Beauty.

And then there’s a dance scene from Snow White in which the dwarves dance and Snow White clap. In Robin Hood we find the same dance again, but now it is Lady Marian who claps.

You will find many more examples in the copy-paste video.

8. Beyonce

When Beyoncé was asked to audition for the voice role of Tiana in the Princess and the Frog, she refused. She was convinced she would get the part anyway. He passed her by and Anika Noni Rose got the part.

Via giphy.com

9. The glass slipper

The fairy tale of Cinderella is originally a French story, made up by Charles Perrault. Cinderella does not wear glass slippers in this, but shoes made of squirrel fur. This fur is called in French vairwhich is pronounced the same as distant, meaning glass.

This statement probably caused the slippers in the film to be made of glass.

Via: youtube.com (capture) | Disney NL

10. Gloves

You may not have noticed before, but in Disney movies only those princesses wear gloves that are not originally from royal blood like Belle, Tiana and Cinderella. They do this precisely to make this distinction.

The princesses who were already princesses at birth, you always see without.

Via giphy.com

Disney facts

Did you already know this or did we really surprise you with these crazy Disney facts? Tell us at a comment below!

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